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SMTP question

We currently use mailstreet.com for our email hosting because they also handle our Blackberry Enterprise Server hosting.  This is working fine.  We have a few devices that need to send email such as network scanners, power monitors, etc.  For these devices, we have been using our internet providers smpt information (smtp.charter.net).  We have changed internet providers to an ATT DS3 and since they are not providing email, they are not providing us an SMTP address to use.  For some devices, we can use authenicated login to Mailstreet's server but for a few devices, they do not allow authenicated login; they just have a space for the SMTP server.  If I try to use smtp.charter.net, it says no relaying allowed, which I understand.  I just don't know how to set these devices up to work anymore.

What should we do to make these devices work?  Host our own SMTP server?  I am at a loss.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Jamie McKillopCommented:

If the external SMTP requires authentication and your device doesn't support authentication, in this situation, about all you can do is host your own SMTP server. You can configure your SMTP server to allow anon connections then relay to the external SMTP server, using authentication. You should ensure that your SMTP server is not available from the outside by either restricting relaying to your internal subnet range or blocking inbound port 25 on your firewall.

How do your local machines send mail? Can't the devices use the same SMTP server?

You will not be able to relay through mailstreet.com's mail servers but they will accept mail for email accounts which are hosted on their server.

For instance, if you use the network scanner to email someone whose email address is Bill@mailstreet.com then you can use mailstreet.com's mail server but not if the scanner needs to send a message to Bill@yahoo.com.

Also, other than the smtp server field do you have an option for from and to fields?

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