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Brute Force or Virus ?

By the end of last year one of my servers was hacked, i really dont know exaclty how the person managed to get my rdp password.
I had rdp open 3389 to all ips, i had a small case password like "u00xyt"
Do you think they could have breaking thru brute force ?
Or they managed to get that pass some way else ?

Thanks !

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my ranking:

on 1: Terminal server can be brute forced -
using e.g. TSGrinder http://www.msterminalservices.org/articles/Brute-Force-Hacking-Terminal-Server-Environments.html -
without triggering account lockouts. This is even if you defined account lockouts in your password policy. Using such a short and weak password, this is trivial. Of you give direct RDP access (without VPN) then you MUST enforce very strong passwords = complexity requirements + min 9 characters (I would even say 10, but hey, I'm a security pro).

on 2: Your password was grabbed using a keylogger (deliberately installed) or similar malware. You can determine the likelihood of this by thinking about how much you log on using untrusted PC's (kiosk, 'friend', internetcafé, ...)

on 3: There is a very hard to pull off man in the middle attack against RDP (up till v5). Very unlikely, unless you are in an environment with very interesting information which is worth a lot of effort.

kr, J.
netwhwAuthor Commented:
So the most probably was the Brute force...
What do you recommend to do beyond long and complex passwords ?
What is that you mention, account lockout ?
Yep, the most propable is brute force
Recommendation next to strong passwords: access your terminal server through a plain VPN or an SSL VPN. This depends on valuable your data and infrastructure is. A good password may be enough.
Account lockout: the automatic locking of an account when a wrong password has been tried x times. You can set this in the local security policy or push through group policies.
If you need more information on password policies, please create a new question, as this one is closed.

kr, J.

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