Dynamically underline a text box Crystal Xl

I am dynamically changing the text that appears in my report column headers and the column detail, contingent upon a user's selection.  I would like modify my current formula that creates these headers to underline the header . Can this be done?

Formula looks something like this.
'Date' + CHR(10) 'Started'  which produces the following result:  I would like to underlind Started.


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yes this can be done. But there are other ways as well. For this example do the following.

Change your formula to this..

Add the formula to the report. Right click on the formula. Go to format field. Go to the paragraph tab. In the low section there is a option called Text interpretation. In the drop down change it to HTML text. Click OK.  You will need to resize the field a bit to see everything but this should do it.  Crystal has the ability to read HTML code. The <br> is a line break and the <u></u> is for underline.
You may be looking for the wrong thing.  Look for defining the bottom border of the text box and not formatting the text.

To do so, right click on the text object, go to Format editor by selecting Format text, click on the formula edit button to the right of "Bottom:" then create a fomula whose result is crSingleLine or crNoLine.  For example

if <<UserSelection>> = <your criterion here> then
crSingleLine else

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