CCNA Exam: Frame Relay vs Inverse ARP


1) This is the problem mentioned at one of the prep test
2) Please see the attached file.
3) I re-write the question: " What Frame Relay Mechanism is used to build the map illustrated at the attached file?"
4) The given answer : Inverse ARP
5) My questions: Please say it with your own wordings; thank you: i) What is "Inverse ARP"? (The samples will be helpful), ii) What the answer of the above question is "Inverse ARP"? (Not, say it ARP itself)
6) Thank you

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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
The router knows the DLCI but does not know the IP of the device at the other end of the PVC. Inverse ARP allows the routers at each end of the PVC to learn the IP of their neighboring router.

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