Backup using HP Backup Express always failed

This is using HP DAT 160 external USB tape drive. The backup software is HP Backup Protector Express 3.50 SP2. There are Daily backup and Weekly backup schedules. Daily backup is differential while weekly backup is full backup.

The problem is daily backup is working fine. While weekly backup mostly end up failed with the error message as shown:

        Error 1040: No device specified or all devices are now offline

What is the root cause?
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OK - so you do have a rotation.
Edit your job definition and go to the Schedule section. When you see the calendar, and you click on a certain day for which you do a weekly backup, you'll see the path where HP Backup Express expects to find the media as a text string below the calendar. Make sure the media for that day is really located in that path.

It is for example possible that the media for week 2 should have been located in Home\Admin\Week2\Rotation Media\Weekly Rotation Media\2nd week of the month for example.

But do check the paths using the method I described in the first paragraph.
BalackAuthor Commented:
Pls see the attached document for details.
In the definition of the Weekly job, in the Device/Media section, please make sure that the USB tape drive is selected as a device.

Since this job seems to have been running for over 2 days, you may also have a problem where the correct media was not available. Do you have a rotation set up in the weekly jobs? Rotations are particularly picky about what media they want to write to.
What was the path to the media you used last Friday? i.e Home/Admin/...
What is the media path you have defined in the Device/Media section of the job definition.
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BalackAuthor Commented:
Hi honmapog,

Confirm USB tap drive is selected in the Device/Media section, in all daily and weekly jobs.

Path for the week1 is: Home\Admin\Week1\Rotation Media\Weekly Rotation Media\1st week of the month.

Path for the week2 is: Home\Admin\Week2\Rotation Media\Weekly Rotation Media\1st week of the month.

Path for the week3 is: Home\Admin\Week3\Rotation Media\Weekly Rotation Media\1st week of the month.

Path for the week4 is: Home\Admin\Week4\Rotation Media\Weekly Rotation Media\1st week of the month.

BalackAuthor Commented:
hi honmapog,

BTW, weekly 2 and weekly3 failed
BalackAuthor Commented:
Hi Honmapog,

Pls keep me some time to try it out, and then update you...
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