RWW Not forwardning HTTP to HTTPS

just setup a new SBS 2003 box on our network to migrate the old sbs 2003 out.

I am 80% of the way done, FSMO and exchange are up and running and all my users are transferred over to the data store on the new server.

I have 2 problems:

1. The ceicw wizard fails at exchange, I am guessing this is maybe because the old DC is still connected to the network and it's just being difficult. Doesn't seem to be causing any problems but I can't demote the old server for a few days so unless there are any quick ideas, well hope that solves it.

2. What's really bugging me is that when I go to our domain for which I have a proper cert etc it does not redirect me to the HTTPS version of the site automatically. I get an IIS error that I have to have "HTTPS" instead of http. So I can go to, see the welcome screen, then I click on RWW and get the you need to be inserting https error. On all the other SBS 2003 boxes Ive setup, this has always worked by itself, automatically forwarding to https.
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is probably because the wizard is failing.
The redirect to https is not standard behaviour of IIS, its is something configured by the SBS wizard.

SpicyHamAuthor Commented:
That could be the case. I know the wizard says click ok to finish and ignore unfinished components but I don't trust that it's actually doing that. I'll try to run it again when I demote my old SBS2K3 box in the next few days.
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