Copy and paste multiple attachments from one message to another in Outlook 2003 create copies of first attachment only

Running Outlook 2003 SP3, not in cached mode. This is on Windows XP SP2, back-end is Exchange 2003 SP2.

Receive an Email with multiple attachments and decide to attach these to a new or existing HTML format message by selecting them and then copying them across it will appear to work.  However, if you look closely at the attachments in the Email you'll see that although they all have the correct names they are all the same size and in fact are all a copy of the first attachment that was copied across.

The consequences of this can be pretty embarassing or even dangerous!

Has anyone else experienced this issue or had it confirmed by Microsoft as a known issue?
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AsiaITConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
No luck!

Microsoft have confirmed that this is a known issue with Outlook 2003 and it also exists in Outlook 2007.  Apparently lots of customers have reported the issue and want a fix, but at the moment Microsoft have not decided whether to fix for 2007 or 2003 or both.

We have a workaround for this as follows:
This problem only seems to occur if the attachments are copied and then pasted into a new HTML Email.  So, there are a number of ways that the problem can be avoided.  The recommended workaround is to save the attachments from the original Email to your local hard disk and then attach them in the normal way to the outgoing Email.  You can also select the attachments and drag them into the outgoing Email and this will avoid the issue as well.

I'll close this question down, but hope the information is useful to others.
Are you having this issue with just one email in particular that has multiple attachments or does this happen on any?

If you create a new email, attach 3-4 different documents to it and send it to yourself.
Now try the same process, copying attachments to a new email.
Does it still do this?

Can you recreate this on any one elses machine?

If this user logs onto another PC with their profile does this still happen?

If not, try closing Outlook on this users PC and reopen using
Start>Run>Outlook.exe /cleanprofile

Now try it again. Test using both the previous email and the new test email.
AsiaITAuthor Commented:
Hi apache09,

Thanks for your comment.

We've had this reported from our users in various offices around our network, so it is happening with some emails with multiple attachments, but not all.

No, I can't always re-create the issue by sending to myself.

I will test the cleanprofile switch and see if it helps.
Any Luck
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