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Hi All,
 I have two remote sites that are not connected in any way, they don't even have an internet connection as yet. They want to implement a video conferencing system between the two via IP.
My question is, since this is a point to point connection, what are the best cisco routers to use, I was thinking of the 1841, would I need that on both site or could I use an 800 series on one and the 1841 on the other.


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Faruk Onder YerliConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
All cisco routers is allowing pointtopoint VPN chanel. quality depends on your bandwidth request and VPN type.
If you dont need more that 2 Mbit IPSEC bandwidth on tunnel, you may use 800 sserires router. 1841 support up to 4 Mbit.
If you dont need encryption 800 support 8 mbit, 1841 support more than 20 Mbit.

alifadAuthor Commented:
would I need to use the same on both sites or can I have an 800 series in one and an 1841 in the other?
It's going to be used only for the video conferencing across these two site so will not be a constant connection.
Faruk Onder YerliConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
all cisco software is valid eachother. you may use different routers on both side.
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