How to hide Access Title Bar and Customize Qucik Access Toolbar - Access Project 2007

  I have an Access Project 2007 file (.adp file). I attached a custom Ribbon to it. Click on each button in my Custom Ribbon opens a form with specific funtionality.

All these forms are opened as Tab sheets. This setting is present in Access Options - Current Database - Tabbed Documents option is selected and Display Document Tabs is checked.

For your information - in my Custom ribbon - I have already set 'StartFromScratch=True'.

Till then, everything is fine.

Now, clicking on a button in my Custom Ribbon - I need to open a form in another application (another .ade file).

I have done this also. But the problem is the look and feel of my Main application. I would like to show the form in my second application with exactly the same size of my Main application form like another tab in my Main application. So that the user will not see any difference - whether this form is opened from the Main application or from my sub application...

Now, what happens is, the Form say for eg, frmTest from the second application (child app) opens. But it has its own Title Bar and Customize Quick Access Toolbar button. In my child also, I am loading a custom Ribbon with StartFromScratch= True..

But How can I hide my child application Access Title Bar, Customize Qucik Access Toolbar button so that I can avoid 2 empty bars at the top of my form ' frmTest' which will make frmTest size equivalent to my Main application forms?

My major concern is - there should not be any difference in the look and feel of the application. The end user should not know that there are 2 access applications running...
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Connect With a Mentor Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Why not import that Form into your main database (including any dependencies). You'll not be able to "embed" a form into a tab; you could likely open a new session of Access and hide the Access window, then try to position it exactly as needed, but all your user would need to do is just move the main or child app and your look would be off.
xsysysAuthor Commented:
As there is no other option to hide the title bar, managed with single ade file itself...
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