Remove Windows Server 2008 PKI

i've a offline root ca and a suboridnate ca based on Server 2008.
Now i want to remove the whole pki, so that i can install it fresh.
I've already found this guide here:
But when i try to follow step 5 and view the installed keys with the command certutil -key.
I don't see this key which i need to uninstall.

Further i've found the note, that all certificate needs to be revoked....also the root certificate on the offline ca? How does the suboridnate recognize that?

What i've done so far is...all the steps till step 4 (but all steps on the subordinate)

What to do now? I want a clean Active Directory after this....

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merowingerAuthor Commented:
i've now just ignored the step...
IceColdWater on my back

But it seems to work :)
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