illustrator: i have a group with many subgroups and want to make an exact copy with all the groups maintained

I am trying to figure this out, but am not having luck.

I have a group that has about 10 other groups, if i copy and paste this into a new layer, the groups get and everything comes into one layer on the paste.  If i check "paste remebers layers" under layers options, the groups are maintained, but the copy goes in the exact same group as it started rather than creating a copy in the new layer under a new group which is want i want.

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captainConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you duplicate the layer which contains the groups, the structure of the layer should remain intact.

Choose the layer from the layers palette and use the little twistie icon the right hand corner of the layer palette to duplicate.

Then delete anything else on the layer that you don't want.

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