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I have got a DL160 G5 but have misplaced my Smart Start CD.

Can anyone point me to somewhere I can download it.

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I read on hour HP portal that:

yes there is no Smartstart CD because 100 Series do not support Smartstart CD as simple as that
you have to install Windows manually, inserting CD normally

After loading the OS installer you have to press f6 then create a controller driver on floppy disk.you can download driver from the website or from the resource cd of the server.
essexboy80Author Commented:

Thanks for the link, but unfortunately that is only for the following servers :

all ProLiant ML and DL 300, 500, and 700 series and BladeSystem (BL) servers

I need this for a DL160.

Anyone else have any links?

Thanks all
essexboy80Author Commented:
bang on, you need a usb floppy drive.

i cannot believe we still need these in this day and age.

thanks all, working lovely now.
The DL 160 G5 is not listed as supported, but SmartStart 8.70 x64 worked well for me. Get it here:


It proved essential to diagnosing HD failures that the E200 controller had flagged OK, when in fact my RAID 5 rebuild kept failing. Finally I found out why. Other useful diagnostic tests as well.

Another essential: ensuring all your drives and controller firmware is up to date or you could hose your RAID rebuild.

(Sep 2011)

Hope this helps.
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