Host Headers

Clients are unable to connect to the Web sites by using host header names:

Multiple host names must be mapped to the single IP address by using a DNS server or a Hosts file.


The above is from Microsoft..I'm using host header's  to map multiple Web sites with the same port number to a single IP address

But not sure How to map the hostheader to DNS can some explain me

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clinton_cunninghamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
are you running iis 6 or 7?
If ii6,

open IIS (run inetmgr) and select your created website, right click and select properties.
there is a 'wesite identification' box, inside this is a button next to "ip address" called Advanced.
Select this.
Select ADD, and put the IP address of your DNS, the port number and the in the HostHeader put in the name of the host header you want to direct to your selected site.

Let me know if iv'e missed what your after here, possibly you've done this already.


Ryan ChongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>But not sure How to map the hostheader to DNS can some explain me

In your DNS, make sure the domains' A record are pointed to the same web server fixed IP address.

Then in your IIS website, just add the Host Header as mentioned.

If this is not done yet, make sure you added the fixed IP address in the Local Area Network's > Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties > Advanced TCP/IP settings.

if you had just updated the DNS, it may takes 15 mins or more to refresh...

and you may need flush out your DNS if necessary using command:

c:\>ipconfig /flushdns
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