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DNS and A Records

This question may be covered in another thread, but I am not sure what to use as a search term to find it, but what I am needing to do is get my client removed from blacklists after a machine of there's was unknowingly to them sending out spam.  The machine has since been reformatted and patched.

I am just not wanting to cause a DNS loop or downtime to my client, but I want to set this up so we can be removed from the remaining blacklists.  The remaining blocking are FIVETEN sites.  I had our ISP set the reverse record on their end to point correctly for our public IP to point back to our domain name.  What FIVETEN is saying now is:

"Also, none of those names have an A record pointing to the original xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. That needs to be fixed" (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx being our public IP).

I believe I can do this from our host and just point the * wildcard record to our DNS server's public IP, but what I am concerned about is that we are not serving our own website.  Currently if people type www.domainname.com or just domainname.com, they get our website because the website/hosting company is using a * wildcard for all traffic that I haven't set a custom DNS on their end for.  I am forarding three custom names including our mail traffic.  What I think I need to do is point all traffic from the host to our own server via our public IP and then just set A records in our server's DNS to point the www traffic back to the web host.  I am not 100% familiar with A records, but if I want this to work correctly what is the and easiest way to preserve what is in place now with people typing just our domainname or www.domainname?

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I'm not entirely clear on your specific requirements but hopefully I can clarify the issue of your A records.
Your domain name of domain.com is a forward lookup zone - as in an 'area' to find your hosts. Think of it as a street name
The A record specifies a particular host. This would correspond to your house number.
To specifiy your web-site you would have an A record called WWW (within the forward lookup zone), and your mail Server would probably have an A record of MAIL
This would then give you hosts of www.domain.com and mail.domain.com
(To get your MX record sorted you would then point IT to the A record)
Then you would add an A record called * for your wildcard and point THAT to the Web Server - this would point any unknown host requests to the web-site (wheredoigo.domain.com would go to the web-site)
Is that what you are after (and apologies if I just typed everything you already knew!)
foxtrot79Author Commented:
I will give that a try when I am back at their location.  I am out of town this week, but what you typed is basically what I was thinking.


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