How to reinstall phpbb

Recently I have upgraded phpbb 3.0.0 forum into 3.0.4. I don't know is that a reason but now styles won't work properly. If I choose different style than default, this style only displays on board index page, but when I click to see some forum and send posts it changes into default style.

I think I will need to reinstall phpbb. Can you help me with this. I don't wish to lose data (posts, users etc.) but also I don't wish to have the same problem with styles.

Can I just delete files from phpbb forum folder and than do install with old database?
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The best method of a "conservative" reinstallation of PhpBB is described here:

If you follow these steps exactly, you will end up with an exact copy of your present forum, missing just the things that went corrupted.
mankisAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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