regular spontaneous, unexplained reboots on a SBS system

I administer a MS SBS server.
Running on a HP 350ML G5 - 4GB with an UPS
Backup: LTO Ultrium.
MS SBS, Exchange 2003
Some branche specific applications (construction)
File- and print server
This is a production platform for aprox. 35 clients.

Last month I implemented a second Windows 2008 Standard server with Terminal Server. This is just a member server.
In the last 3 days the SBS server rebooted without a noticable reason (no strange entries in the eventlogs)
The timeframe between the reboots is not fixed (1/2 hour - 15 hours). It happens during production hours and in the after hours.

Can anyone push me in the right direction? Does this problem sound familiar?


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Did the reboots start happening at the same time that the member server was added?  If so, I believe that will be your best option to research first.  While this may be hardware, that would be a large coincidence if these two things happened at the same time and they are not related.  

If they did not really start at the same time, then I agree that hardware is what I would attempt to eliminate first.  If you call HP support, they should be able to provide you with their hardware diagnostic tools.
Strange reboots without events logged could be hardware related and not anything to do with SBS. Do you have any hardware analysis tools from HP?
RvdSchaftAuthor Commented:
Only the SMH System Management Homepage (https://localhost:2381)
But there is nothing out of the ordinary.

Are there any analysis tools from HP that I can use?
I agree with sifuedition. If I read your question correctly, it seems that the new server was last month, and the problem started only three days ago. So my gut says hardware.

RvdSchaftAuthor Commented:
Sifuedituion and Spandexandy

I do agree with the both of you, The problems are not directly related with the new server. I will contact HP support and try to get the hardware diagnostic tools.
I will split the points between you, thanks again.

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