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Migrating all data and settings from old server to a new server.

I am looking for some advice on the best way of migrating my current web server with all it's settings and data to my new server.
I want to be able to just put it on the network and all the other servers and resources use it like they have been.
Whats the best and least troublesome way of doing this?
p.s there both Dell power edge servers.
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If the server hardware is the same or similar enough that Windows HAL doesn't get al up set by the changes, then you could just do a complete disk image copy from the old to the new.

It won't hurt to try. On completion, when you boot the new server you will find:-

a) it worked perfectly, the new server just boots and works.
b) It worked but on booting the new server pops up lots of "new hardware found" windows, but it successfully finds all the drives it needs (possibly with you inserting a CD) and ends up working fine.
c) The new hardware is TOO different for the above to work and the new server never boots up properly.

In case C, you're no worse off, just erase the disk partitions off the new server, and start over with another approach.

To make this copy, you could use something like Acronis EasyMigrate, or, if you have an external NTBackup of the first server

- install the second server from W2k3 CD - basic set up only
- make sure it can recognise the attached device your backup is on (e.g. tape drive, USB drive, etc.)
- boot the new server in Directory Recovery mode
- restore the entire content of the NTBackup backup file.
- shutdown and reboot new server normally.

Techno-Man-ukAuthor Commented:
The only issue I have is that one the current web server there are some registry problems, I don't really want to migrate this problems on to the new server.
Ah, in that case you can't beat a manual re-built, I'm afraid. Probably take less time than you might think. Set up new server, create users, use ExMerge to copy across EServer content...

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