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I'm using Scansoft Omnipage and PDF Create together with other applications like MS Word 2003. Whenever I exit Word, a message from Scansoft pops up saying:

"Do you want to save the changes to"

I've tried both Yes and No as the answers, but message pops up again - every time I exit Word. How can I get rid of it (without un-installing the Scansoft software)?


Olaf BerliAsked:
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This is a known bug that can affect addins when loaded into word.  If you have access to the Addin, open it in Visual Basic editor - just add a couple of spaces, remove them and compile it.  Then save it.  Sometimes you have to do this a couple of times before it works.  

To test you have to close word down.  Reopen and close again to make sure it is fixed
Olaf BerliAuthor Commented:
Had to dig around the manufacturer's support site and found that their only "solution" was to un-register (regsvr32 /u) all the add-ins. After this it seems to work ok - but the add-in functionality is obviously gone. Don't have the option to do the VB route.
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