Dell studio 1535 shutdown

I have been working on a Dell studio for about 6 months
the system specs are as follows

Manufactuer/model: Dell studio 1535
Processor: Intel core duo cpu T5850 @ 2.16GHz (number of processor cores 2)
Memory (RAM): 3.00GB plus 2GB ready boost usb
System type 32-bit operating system (with 64-bit compatability)
Total size of hard disk(s) 1229 GB
  Disk partition (C:) 126 GB Free (288 GB Total)
  Disk partition (D:) 4 GB Free (10 GB Total)
  Media drive (E:) CD/DVD
  Disk partition (F:) 759 GB Free (931 GB Total)
 Display adapter type ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series
  Total available graphics memory 1534 MB
        Dedicated graphics memory 256 MB
        Dedicated system memory 0 MB
        Shared system memory 1278 MB
  Display adapter driver version 8.477.0.0
  Primary monitor resolution 1280x800
  DirectX version DirectX 10
OS: WIndows Vista Home Premium service pack 1
Antivirus programs :Trend micro 2008 and Avast 4.8 home editon

about 5 days into purchasing this laptop it blue screened on me unfortunately closing before i could record the error code. This however was ignored and it continued to run smoothly for a few more months, however recently the laptop has started to do spot shutdowns at random occasions one time experiencing another blue screen which was here and gone before it was even recognised as a blue screen.
after running the pre boot diagnostic of the laptop there was one error that stood out to me

error code 3700:011B which is related to the fan

I am curious as to wether this is the factor that is causing the shutdowns and if not what is and any solutions.

as a little bit of asisstance as well trend micro's firewall will not activate and Avast is not complaining about any viruses (PLEASE NOTE AVAST WAS INSTALLED AFTER TREND BEGAN SCREWING UP)
the error is as follows

Your personal firewall has shut down try restarting trend micro (which i have) to restore it if that doesn't help try restarting the computer if you still have a problem after restarting a computer running vista please check to see if the base filtering service has started if these do not restore the firewall please consult the technical support.

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My advice is only have 1 antivirus on your PC, since you have the Trend Micro 2009, uninstall Avast Antivirus. Secondly, download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware from and install it. After the definitions are updated, reboot your PC in safe mode and do a scan with that. Let us know, what you get.
kingadamAuthor Commented:
well by the diagnosis of mBAM it was clean as a whistle however with trend micro guess what VIRUS FOUND TROJ_GENERIC.ZOC and guess what happened when i started it up again dudadada firewall works again, could we please research into the other issue please as well
kingadamAuthor Commented:
the idea to run virus scan in safe mode made it possible to find  the trojan on my laptop
Has your problem been resolved?? or the shutdowns are still happening?? Running any scanner in safe mode (without networking) will give you more hits and will catch more viruses.
kingadamAuthor Commented:
i shall progress with this and see if any errors happen if it does ill repost thank you for your assistance
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