file sharing vista business accessing xp pro

Hi all,

we have set up a xp pro machine to act as a file sharing server. now around 5 machines access will access arious shares on the server.

one particular vista business machines is causing problems. it was working but when we came in this morning and tried to access a share we get the message

the network folder specified is currently mapped using a different username and password. to connect using a different user name and password, first disconnect any existing mappings to the network share.

now i've removed all from my computer and restarted the machine but i still get this error when trying to connect to the server.

any ideas?

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Given the additional information, look closely and firewalls and antivirus. You could disable these temporarily and see if that helps. Also (I know this to be an obvious point), have you tried pinging the share?  Again, given your feedback, try:
NET USE DRIVE: \\wpipaddress\share and answer the prompts
There may be an issue affect names.

Just by the way, I follow myself the advice we have been discussing and I connect my Vista Business 64-bit laptop to my XP Pro (SP3) Desktop all the time.

... Thinkpads_User
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
See if you can disconnect the share (if it thinks it is connected incorrectly somehow).
Open a command prompt on the Vista machine: Net use Drive: /delete
Then try to map manually: Net use Drive: \\xpproname\share /persistent:NO Answer prompts.
Make sure your XP machine has a userid and password.
Make sure the Vista machine has a userid and password.
I would disable Simple File Sharing on both machines (goes by Sharing Wizard in Vista).
Make sure firewalls on both machines allow each other.

Depending on what caused the problem, you may not need all these steps, but when you get connected, you can determine whether you want the connection to be persistent (that is, reconnect on login). If you do, open Windows Explorer on the Vista machine, disconnect the share, then reconnect it and select the appropriate option to have it reconnect on login.

... Thinkpads_User
flynnyAuthor Commented:
thanks for the quick reply.

sorry i should have mentioned all this. yes the xp machine has simple file sharing disabled and each person has a user set up on the xp machine. the way i have been sharing it then is by using each persons log on to log onto the relevant share

i've tried removing the all shares with

net use * /delete

which came back saying there were no connections.

i have tried

net use z: \\ip\share /persistant:no

and it prompts for the user and password but i then get the same error msg.

just to add the xp machine is running service pack 3.

again i have tried restarting the machine but to no avail.
flynnyAuthor Commented:
hi just to let you know after restarting the computer again it has connected. now the only thing i did differently was run regdll32 and remove the user logon (sorry can't find the page if found the full cmd now.)

are there any ideas as to how i can prevent this in the future? could the fact the vista goes into hibernation than flly shutting down cause this problem?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I find that with both XP and now Vista that if I suspend or hibernate the computer, I do get network problems - not a lot, but sometimes. I usually shut down my laptop at the end of the day (I never shut down my XP Pro desktop). I find that a clean start daily keeps problems at bay. ... Thinkpads_User
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