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VOIP recommendations UK

Hi Experts,

Looking to setup a VOIP for my home office. Initially have set up with the 3CX software and an account with VOIPON in the uk. We only have two extensions and make very few calls (2-3 per day in/out). We're using Cisco 7940 phones. Our location is at the end of ADSL coverage - we currently only achieve about 750Kbs.

The system is working great internally between the two extensions but external call quality is poor (dropping bits of the conversation). Is this due to the provider or our adsl speed? We don't use the adsl line for much browsing - only emails so for the majority of the time there is no real overhead on the connection. From what I can gleam from google we need about 100kbs per line so I thought we would be ok.

Am I trying to achieve something that's not possible? Are there 'business class' voip providers that supply improved call quality? Would a hosted solution help or make it worse? Not sure I have no experience of VOIP and could do with some advice.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


1 Solution
Basics Concepts -

Protocol: VoIP has two SIP or H323 (cisco), the first one is the more extended.
QOS: you need quality of services in the switches for give quality in the voice IP.
Codecs: Depends codecs you use, take more o less broadband, very important to get good quality. G729 in my time that I use it was the best.  

Review this 3 concepts and you will get the best in VOIP.
First of all you may have to ensure your DSL could support VOIP in fair conditions.

Try to rate it w/ http://myvoipspeed.visualware.com/index.html


SR20 service / France
I would suggest downloading a copy of winmtr (http://winmtr.sourceforge.net/) and running it against the voipon server that you connect to. That will give you an indication of any packet loss and where it is occuring.
It may be an issue between your ISP and voipon or it may be that since your ADSL is running at minimum speed the line is still not quite good enough to support that which is resulting in some packet loss.

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