Room Reservation in Domino 7

Hi all,
I have created the room reservation database as specified in the manual and also created the resources in the database and in the files/mail in databases and so on but:
- If, from the own database, I try to book a room using time it finds nothing.
- If I do so by room it shows the rooms but with no information on the tine bar (blue)
- From the client I can see the resources and even booking them but has no effect on the database so another person can book the same room at the same time. I fact if I open the database it has no reservations.
- on the server screen (the black on with text) I can see the email baing sent to the resource with a message "entry not found in index" and just after that one message delivered [resource name].
I am pretty confused about this!!

Can anybody help me??
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aslam208Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem soved.. thanks
Are you sure you followed the directions properly in the Admin Help ?

Also check regarding who has rights to make reservations in the rooms.

I hope this helps !
You will also need to make sue the RnRMgr task is running on the Domino server.

Note that it also takes some time between creating the resources and them showing up correctly gfor booking.
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