How to make geometry checks using SQL?


 I would like to know is there is another way to check geometrys of spatial data stored in a database more than using DBunit.

 I am currently using a Informix Database and I would like to make some geometry checks like overlapping of layers. etc

 Exist a sofware, technique, technology.. that I can use to make this geometry checks?

 Thanks in advance.
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gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to create stored procedures for geometry needs.
I'd suggest converting to PostGIS which is free GIS database with all geometry included.
pcelbaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
MS SQL Server 2008 supports new data types Geography and Geometry. These new data types support polygon unions and intersections and more. I am just studying that and it seems to be interesting (for me at least) and it is closely tied to CLR of MS Visual Studio 2008. Both SQL and VS 2008 are available as trial versions, so why not to try it? (In other words a good reason to leave Informix :-).
Not even as trial versions - you can get free ones also. Look for SQL2008 express - at least it does not expire.
PostGIS has .NET driver as well to integrate with VS2008.
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Hi, thanks for your reply, but I cannot change the Informix DB, because that is the DB that the user has.
gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK -
It costs btw, but otherwise no problem...
Two alternate GIS systems were recommended, after limiting scope to Informix only a costly option was available
I suggest a split between http:#24237107 http:#24231400 and http:#24225733
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