MSA1000 - H/W Raid & S/W Stripe

Hi Experts.
We have an MSA1000 but it needs to be controlled via Windows Server 2003 32Bit OS - and this limits the size of the disk.
We have 40 disks that have been configured as Raid 6 at H/w level to create a 14tb Disk Partition.
This Partition has then been split into 6x 2.1tb logical drives.
Then these logical drives have been striped together at s/w level to create a 9tb drive that we will use as an archive.

The question are.
a) is there a better way to create a 10t +  raid 6 drive on an MAS1000 under a 32 bit O/S
b) if not then how secure is the config, ie if we had some disc failures what is the likelihood of data loss! And could we hot swap a disk?


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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
b) pretty safe with RAID 6, I'd prefer less disks or RAID 10 but if it's an archive you need size as opposed to speed I persume. You can hotswap but obviously you don't unless the SAN tells you a disk is failing.
Striping is not the way to do it, you need to make a concat set* - with striping the first stripe element is on the edge of the array but then the next supposedly adjacent element is towards the middle of the platter and so forth, the diks are going to have to seek from the outside to the inside and back again for what ought to be contiguous data.

It would be better if you could present the whole 9TB as a single logical disk and use GPT but 2TB is still the limit with the MSA1000 LUNs AFAIK.

(*I forget what MS call it - volume set I think)

daveslaterAuthor Commented:
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