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I want to download CBT nuggets for free. Is it possible to download these cbt nuggets vedios freely?

If possible please suggest me the best URL for doing this. I am actually trying for these microsoft certification vedios downloads:70-640,70-642,70-643,70-646.

Thanks for your quick help on this.
ADP indiaAsked:
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No, almost all of the CBT for Microsoft Examinations are paid software / training material.

You can find them for free from torrent or other underground website, but remember it's piracy.

If you wish to purchase one, then visit www.cbtnuggets.com/

Microsoft does not recommend to use CBT Nuggets either for preparing for MCTS or MCITP exams. The best way is Microsoft Press materials or MoC courses.
Hi there,

I'm not sure what way the video is playing on that website, but if you are using Firefox, you can download flash videos for free.

Please use this link for more details...

ADP indiaAuthor Commented:
What are Moc courses? Could you please tell me the details...
MoC refers to Microsoft Official Curriculum.

Refer learning.microsoft.com.

I hope you are looking for short cuts in clearing examination. After written almost 30 Microsoft examinations, I will never recommend that. Reading thoroughly is time consuming, but you will speak for the knowledge you claim to have.

One good forum to discuss certification is www.sadikhov.com (they have cleaned up the website recently)
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