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Hello Experts,
In windows when I minimize my applications they are not going to my bottom task bar. Usually they will go to my bottom task bar and I can click on them to bring them back up now they are not there. I can still see the task bar the windows Button all my quick launches I can even see my system tray to bring my minimized application I am now using Alt+Tab to find them.

I am using windows Visa Business

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Ok. try this. I used it fix a friend's similar issue with this:

Open 'Control Panel' and select 'Add/Remove Programs'. Check for the program entries
of WinSrvReg and Friend Greetings. If found, uninstall the program
and reboot.

Good luck

If you do not see those programs there you may try the solution on this link which was actually designed for Windows XP but works for Vista as well.:

You may need to save the vbs file and run.

Good luck


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