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I have  a small network 300 users. One exchange 2007 server. Two domain controllers running server 2003, and they are also the dns servers. I have built a new domain controller with a totally different domain name. I need help configuring  dns so the domain trusts can be setup. The old dc is Authoritative  for the old domain name and the new domain name. I need to set the new dc to be Authoritative  for the new domain name. I read the articles on stub zones and optional forwarders, but am inexperienced enough with dns to ask for more detailed help. Thank you
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Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:
Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:

Each domain should have its own AD integrated DNS Zone. You should then add the zone of the other domain to the forwarders tab of the DNS server. If the DNS server in Domain1 currently host the zone for Domain2, you will need to remove the zone.

5g6tdcv4Author Commented:
They both have AD integrated zones. Is there a way to backup the zone before removal, in case of issues later on?
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