Final Cut Pro to Imovie Problem

I have been importing my final cut pro movies to IMOVIE to convert the large file size to an m4v file, via the "export to Itunes" option The process has worked great and I can upload some great quality (yet very small file size) videos to vimeo.

As of late, when I try to import my movies into imovie, the files are grayed out and I cannot select them to import. As far as know I am not doing anything different on the Final Cut Pro end.

The previous movies that I have successfully imported into Imove are not greyed out but any new movies that I create are. I am puzzled.

As always, in final cut pro I export the movie as follows

>File > Export Movie > Setting> DV NTSC 48 kHZ

I don't know why all of a sudden the movies cannot be imported into Imovie
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Have you tried opening the the files in QuickTime and then exporting them using the "Movie to Apple TV" settings. This will create an iTunes file the same as iMovie does.
You could probably do the same from Final Cut Pro, although I can't test that here as I don't have a working version on this computer.
gtucker1Author Commented:
Thanks for the tip. That was one way to getting it done! Quicktime takes a little longer but it will work until I can figure out what changed in my exports.
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