I have 2 interfaces configured on a L3 3750 Switch with an IP address on the switchport, I would like to be able to configure an HSRP Address i.e.

physical Interfaces and

Any Ideas ?
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Close, like this:

router eigrp 1
 redistribute connected
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If you have two circuits, be sure to include the other network statement for the other subnet if it is not encompassed in the subnet.

The redistribute connected will advertise all "connected" subnets on each switch into EIGRP.
HSRP is used between two switches.  You can't run HSRP on a single switch.  If you have two routed ports, you can use a dynamic routing protocol (EIGRP, OSPF) for redundancy in this case (if applicable).
skywalker101Author Commented:

How would I implement EIGRP on the routed port to provide redundancy?

I cuurently have 2 LES Circuit by 2 different providers, I am looking to configure routed port to use 1 les circuit if this circuit fails all traffic will be routed via the 2nd Les Circuit

Is this possible ?
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Sure, as long as the other end of the LES circuit is your equipment meaning the LES circuit is Layer2.  Is your equipment on the other end of the circuit or are you doing layer3 with your service provider?
skywalker101Author Commented:
LES Circuit is connected to my equipment which is doing L3
Okay, so the other IP address on the other end of the LES circuit is your switch/router, right?

If so, you can enable EIGRP on both ends of the circuit to have it use both circuits at the same time (load balance) if the bandwidth/delay is the same or you can have one circuit favored over the other if unequal bandwidth.  Either case provides redundancy and automatic failover.
skywalker101Author Commented:
If I configure EIGRP (LES Network 10.15.10.x) on both switches between the LES circuit as below is this correct ?

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