AOL address book not showing up on new install

i have a user who's pc crashed. so i installed a new hdd and reloaded windows xp. he requested aol. i installed it and the address book is missing, it is still on the aol server, we can access it through, it is also on his laptop. but on the pc it will nto show up, when he called aol tech support they instructed him to uninstall aol and reinstall a diff version, he did this 4 times and the address book is still empty. we are behind a firewall here, but i have another pc on my network behind the same firewall that accesses the address book fine. aol is trying to blame my network instead of thier crappy software. I also found an article onlone that instructed me to delete two .abX files and then sign in again i did this and it did not help
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cfischer225Author Commented:
followed it exactly, then when i signed back on and did a search for the files, they had not been recreated
Just curious... I saw the same article you referred to and it says after deleting the .abi and .aby files to sign in as guest, sign off, then sign in as the correct profile.

Did you follow this procedure exactly??
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