executing remote command set L

How can i get a listing of each computer on the domain with  the details of which logon server it points to, i know u can do this with the command set l which gives u the output of

>set L

i dont want to go to every PC and do this - will take a very long time to do and not practical so how can i do this remotely and still get accurate results for every single machine?
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bbaoConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
try this:

PsExec v1.94

be aware that SET is not an individual executable, it is an internal command of CMD.EXE. therefore what you should remotely run is CMD.EXE with /C switch.

hope it helps,
What exactly are you trying to do? This is a *USER* environment variable, not a machine variable, so as soon as you logoff from the machine, the results are already obsolete.
Con42Author Commented:
Have to verify which machines are pointing to which logon servers since there are more than one logon server on the network. A migration took place from WIN NT 4 to WIN 2003 and now need to check if the machines are now pointing to the new logon servers and not to the old NT DC which is still part of the network as this migration is taking place in phases so is co-existing with win2003.
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