Free software to do differential backups to DVD


I am looking for free software to backup a folder to DVD.
The folder is getting new data every week and i only want to backup the NEW data.

Also it needs to be automated except for putting in the DVD.
So should support scheduling.

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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not sure that you are taking the correct approach.

I think that what you actually need is a command line DVD burning software that will burn your backup directory  to DVD.

You should use a new directory every day, until it is burned and verified, then delete them all and start again.

this should already be in a subfolder so that only the main sub folder needs to be backed up.

I hope this helps !
caoimhincryanAuthor Commented:
no im looking for actual backup software not burning software.

caoimhincryanAuthor Commented:
Thanks again, but they all seem to be disk imageing software. Ineed backup software that can perform incremental backups to dvd
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