High rate of file compression

Hello everyone,

does anyone here know anything about High rate of file compression?
and if yes which of this program is the best?
7Zip, IZArc, KGB Archiver, UHARC-GUI, and so on, etc.

all i know is that for High rate of file compression you need good ram and cpu.
and lot of time when compressing big files into a smaller size file to share online.

i have seem 250MB compressed to 16MB using only 7Zip, how this is done?
i ask this question not long ago in the 7Zip main forum and my question was ignored.

then i ask the same question in the main forum of UHARC-GUI
they did the same thing like in the 7Zip forum, they ignored my comment or question.
i don't know why. now i would like to know if there is someone out there that can clear
my thoguths about this question.

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You should care what that page said since it will give you an idea of what to expect from compression of different file types.

WinZip v12 has a new compression algorithm for JPG that allows it to bypass even 7-zip.  Download it and use the instructions here: http://www.online-tech-tips.com/software-reviews/winzip-vs-7-zip-best-compression-method/

Forrest BurrisCommented:
PAQ8P and WINRK are excellent choices. Please take a look at this site as it will help you make your decision. Some apps are better than others at compressing certain types of data.


How is it done? Here's a 'very' simplified analogy: Consider a file like styrofoam insulation. It may look solid on the outside, but inside it is filled with an enormous amount of empty space. Certain chemicals will immediately compress the styrofoam and collapse the solids around each other, making it look completely flat and compound. A small group of files are created that save the locations of the 'dead space' instead of being actual dead space. Those files plug the dead space back in when they are extracted.

Compresson algorithms works using patterns and dictionaries. By example, if a text file have this contents :

A 'single' compress algorithm can store 3A6B5C.

The compress ratio depends not only from algorithm but data type also.

In text data bye example, you have so much patterns, words that repeats much times, then this kind of data have high compression rates.
Image files have very low compression rates because you can't find patterns, also happens wiht music files.

Run this google search (http://www.google.co.ve/search?hl=es&q=compression+algorithms+patterns&meta=&aq=0&oq=compression+algorithms+pattern) and you can't find a lot of info.
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at_the_biginningAuthor Commented:

Thank you guys but my question is about settings or how can i get a good
compression rate using 7Zip or any other file compression program to Zip.

few months ago i donwload a driver pack that was 12MB
after i unziped it become 376MB and there was no file conrrupted,
in other words everything was perfect.

i have also seem so many times a 9MB zip files that after decompressing them
they become 195MB.

so once again, my question is about how to get this rate, not about zip anatomy.


Forrest BurrisCommented:
i mentioned this in my original post. please look at the maximumcompression link and make your selection from there. i also recommended 2 of the best compression utilities known to man
at_the_biginningAuthor Commented:

Hello again ,

I when back to that page, yeah in that page everyone is talking about high compression rate,
and bla-bla-bla, but oneone talk about how they done it, what settings they did and so on, etc.
i would like to visit a page where they tell users how the configuration have to be in order to
get this high compression rate.

take a look to this page for example:

yeah i got it from the page you posted, but what, talking just about soneone else compression
high rate job and thats all.

i am actually looking for something kind colse of a tutorial.

No magic, depens of data type,see at:http://www.maximumcompression.com/compression_fun.php, says

"Extremely high compression ratio
'What is the best compressor to get really extreme compression?' is a question often asked on the internet. The achieved compression ratio of course depends on the quality of the compressor used, but the type of data that is being compressed is much more important. To show this I created a tiny 115 byte rar file. When you decompress it, it will turn into a textfile of almost 5 MB (a compression ratio of 99.998%). Here it is: test.rar. Note: Turtle 0.07 compresses the same file to 49 bytes, Hook09c (with switches 3 1 1 1) to 36 bytes and UHBC (with switches -b128m -m3) to 24 bytes!!. "
at_the_biginningAuthor Commented:

OK, in my case i am not worried about getting the must of compression, but atleast to get
a 570MB reduced to 173MB something like that. or a 30MB reduced to a 9MB.

for a long time i been trying to compress with 7Zip, IZArc, KGB Archiver, UHARC-GUI, etc.
but i have never get any good result with any of them.

for example, i tried compressing with 7Zip a 60MB file, and at the end i get a compressed file
for like 55MB, so what butthers with it if you going to get this?

but at the same time i always see files that i download from the internet with no author name on it
but they have so much ratio compression on it, and thats what always got me thinking and thats
why i don't want to give up till atleast one day i make a compression that i can feel that i done it
with a good ratio even if is not like those who are the master of compression using their time and
effort to compress files that really need time and patience.

cus thats all about when compressing files, yeah, lots of time and patience and atleast 1GB of ram.

But yeah, once again, i still waiting for a tutorial or a tip on how to compress with good ratio.

You have been given the best advice possible.  Understand that some file types are already compressed and cannot be compressed much, if at all, more.
at_the_biginningAuthor Commented:

With all due respect, i don't care what that page said, just give me an example thats all.
All i want is a setting in any zip compression program, it doesn't have to be 7Zip or any
of the fancy compressor programs of today.

please don't point to that page anymore, I don't know why people spend time to write that kind of explanation like the one in those pages when what they should be doing is explain to people how
to use those programs to compress files just the way they do it.

three words...

can you doit?

or not

if you know what i am talking about give me an example.


at_the_biginningAuthor Commented:

Hello GreatGerm,

This post has more meaning, did you read that page? ...i think yes.
not confucianism or complications of any kind, a very clear tutorial
with out making things not to be in english or arabic language or so.

Thanks GreatGerm
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