Need a command-line zip utility for Vista

I am using mysqldump to dump the contents of a database (on a remote server) into a text file.  The output file can get rather large, often upwards of 100Mb.  I can use a Windows compressed (zip) folder to shrink the output file down to a bit over 1Mb, but Windows doesn't provide a mechanism to do this compression from the command-line.

Does anybody know of a decent command-line (only) zip program that will run at the Vista command prompt which either:
1) doesn't have to be installed on the system to be used (preferable) or
2) doesn't overwrite Windows compressed (zip) folder default functionality?

Additionally, it should not open a GUI during its processing and it should wait for the command (at the command-line) to complete before moving on to the next command in the script.


(WinZip overwrites Windows default functionality. FreeByte Zip opens a GUI when run from the command line, and the command-line script doesn't wait for the GUI to complete before continuing.)
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JDominguezNYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
7-Zip is another utility that has the command line interface but I was unable to verify if it overrides the windows functionality.
You can try WinRar for MS-DOS, It uses the windowsfunctionality, but does no overwrite it.
ACSIPaulAuthor Commented:
Thanks, JDominguezNY

That looked really promising.  I just tried it.  It crashes on a 50Mb file with the error Virtual memory exceeded in `new'.  Most of my files will be twice that size.
Did 7-Zip accomplish what you needed?
ACSIPaulAuthor Commented:
Thank JDominguezNY, 7-zip worked great.  Its exactly what I needed.!!
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