Want to Delete Partition But Can't?

We have a HP/Compaq 6510b laptop (actually 2) that are having the same issue. When we boot up the system it will go straight to the black screen where it asks if you want to "Start in Safe Mode" "Safe Mode with Networking" or "From last known good configuration" or "Start Windows Normally". Well no matter which one you choose it will go to the screen where you see the Windows logo and the loading bar but at the same time each time the computer will shut down and go back to the black screen with the "Safe Mode" options. I want to either re-image the computer or re-install windows xp but I want to delete the partition first. Anyway when I go to the setup menu when booting up the machine I set the cd-rom to boot first hopefully bypassing the "Safe Mode" screen but thats not working either. HELP! What should I do???
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JDominguezNYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your issue seems to be the CD is not booting.  You will never recieve the safe mode screen before attempting to boot from CD.

Check your BIOS settings and ensure that they are set to check the CD-Rom as a boot device before your HDD.  Ensure the CD is bootable and not damaged by trying on another machine.  If your BIOS has a Boot Utility (Press F12 to choose boot device type of thing)  use that to choose the CD and boot to your CD.

Once you have successfully booted from your CD you can delete the partition recreate them and reinstall.
Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Most recent HP's have a restore utility which will restore the system to its factory configuration without the need for a CD.   You press F11 during the boot process to access this -- BEFORE Windows begins booting.   Just tap F11 several times during the POST display and you should get to the restore screen.

If that doesn't work, you'll need a Vista DVD to reinstall Vista.
Any luck yet?
Your system might not be booting from the CD, if the CD itself is not actually bootable.

Here you can get an ISO image of a live cd that boots a small linux kernel and loads a great partition management tool called "gparted"


This link should start downloading the ISO:


tinyurl of the above link to the ISO download:

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