recieving duplicate emails for users in our company

we have a small network with sbs 2003 , it runs exchange server 2003 for our emails system. the problem is users are reporting that they are recieveing duplicate or multiple copies of emails from some of the senders.

one of the senders is our company, we have a small network as well pretty much the same setup as above,.
Could some one provide pointers as t owhere to start looking into this issue in order to resolve it.. Please and thanks

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Try testing while Outlook is in safemode and also disabling Outlook Addins:
1. Try Running outlook in SafeMode - Start>Run>Type:  outlook.exe /safe
  If Outlook works as expected, then it could be third-party addins.  
2. Disable or even Remove Outlook Addins could be interfering.
   COM Add-in:
In Outlook 2003, Go to Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options > Addin Manager or COMM/Addins and disable the addins.
 Close and Reopen Outlook to test the results.
Does message tracking show the duplicated message?
Is the POP3 connector being used?

Are you running Outlook 2007?
ashjuvAuthor Commented:
I will find out the answers and let you guys know. thanks
ashjuvAuthor Commented:

users are using office 2003 and not using pop3 connector. does that suggest anything. can you guys please provide some pointers as to where to start looking into the issue.
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