How to force website to open in citrix session

I have an internal website that I want to open in a citrix session outside the network. Now if a user clicks the "content" link in the citrix web from outside the network, the web tries to open using the users local internet explorer. Since it's an internal IP of course it fails. How do i force this "content application" to open in a hosted internet esplorer session.

I'm using Xenapp 5 with WI 5 on server 2003.
Judson HallSystems AdminAsked:
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Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
publish IE with /http://webadress and gernerate an .ICA file. point the link for content to the .ica and it will launch the published citrix app.
Judson HallSystems AdminAuthor Commented:
This still resulted in a "native" IE application load ..... i had to open up my Tipping point in order to get the server side IE to open.
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