is there any tool to check for Page Title relevancy to Page content

Hello Experts,

just wondering how to check for page title relevancy to page content. Please help me out.

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theGhost_k8Database ConsultantCommented:
Here is an old tool:

Another one:


However, I don't advise using any tools.  They all count characters and point out tags that are too long. If you took this advice literally, you'd risk dropping the perfect title tag because it was 5 characters too long. The length matters when the "punchline" (word?) occurs after the 65th character, but a Google search result only shows around 60 letters, then an ellipsis. (The actual letters used determine the length, i.e. narrow letters such as i and l use less space than a w or m so you'd fit more letters if they had narrow letters.

Just make sure you have chosen the best keyphrase for a given page and use it early in the Title tag and in an H1. Then ensure you use a variation of it in the Meta Description, copy both in the Keywords meta tag. In the body text don't use the main keyphrase more than seems natural - this is rarely more than three times.
niceoneishereAuthor Commented:
Hello Experts,
Thanks and i do have to agree with Mr.crm911. i used the sites in the above post, each one gave a different result. some said my page title relevancy is 11% and others said 85%. Man this is very confusing and misleading for people like me who are beginners in  SEO.
any more advice is highly appreciated.
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lol, the automated tools almost always miss something.

I was thinking the other day to harness the wizdom of the crowds for such tasks, i.e. the Amazon Mechanical Turk.

it is a wild shot, but if you do something about it give us a shout :)

Johnny NewbeeCommented:
How about use the software of webceo or webpositon gold?
niceoneishereAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys
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