How can i install OWA on a normal member server

I currently have an OWA site installed but i am having a problems with the SSL certificate. I need to request a new certificate for the site but i have users that require access to the page at all times, removing the current certificate and creating a new request makes the site unavailable.

What i want to do is install OWA on another member server and have the users login through that. I can then put in a new certificate request and wait for it to be processed on the main site.

Any ideas?

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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your tags say Exchange 2007.
You should be doing the certificate request through Powershell, not IIS. If you do the certificate request through Powershell then the existing certificate isn't touched until you enable it after installing the certificate response from your supplier.

Brian HarringtonIT ManagerCommented:
You can, but you will have to install exchange on that box.  
HallidaysAuthor Commented:
Ahhhh, Genius - i will get onto Powershell then - cheers Mestha
HallidaysAuthor Commented:
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