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How to restore ntbackup to multiple alternate locations without manual intervention

I have some ntbackup files (bkf files) that run about 80GB.  Each bkf file backs up six to eight drives.  I need to restore these to an alternate location in order to index and search them, and I need to preserve the tree structure of each restored drive.   I've experimented with restoring all drives to a single alternate location, but the folder trees overwrite each other.

If I have to do this manually using the ntbackup GUI,  I'd create a target folder with 8 alternate-location subfolders, DRIVE_C, DRIVE_D, DRIVE_F, etc. Then I would  have to do a separate restore to the appropriate alternate location for each drive in the bkf file.  

Since an 80GB bkf file takes about 10 hours to restore, I'd like not to have to stand by for 10 hours waiting for each manual restore of a drive to complete before starting the next manual restore of a drive.

Is there a way to automate this process so that it restores each of the eight drives in the bkf file to an appropriate alternate location, and does this without any manual intervention during its ten hour run?


2 Solutions
Have you look in to WinBatch http://winbatch.com/ or AutoIT http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/
Bill BachPresidentCommented:
From the NTBACKUP Online Help System:
"You cannot restore files from the command line using the ntbackup command. "

How frequently are you going to have to do this?  If this is going to be a one-time thing, just bite the bullet and do the 8 restores.  You'll be done in a day.

If this is a recurring thing, then you may want to think about a replication technology instead, which could move data from one drive to another on a network.  I'm thinking of something like DoubleTake (if you want an entire volume replication to go by automatically all day long) or Beyond Compare (if you want to refresh the backup copies nightly.

Perhaps if you describe your intent with this process, we can determine a better way of doing things.
fdenmanAuthor Commented:
Well, I've bitten the bullet and done one of these bkf restores manually and have two to go.  This is an electronic discovery process where I've already replicated all non-system files on both workstations and servers to a dedicated 1TB target drive using BackupAssist in mirror mode.  The remaining task was to restore several of these 80GB bkf files to the target drive.  With just three of these ntbackup restores to do, I'm not ready to invest time in learning a new programming language.  I was hoping somebody had already built something to do this kind of restore.

But both of you offered good ideas, so I'll split the points.


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