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Want to analysis actual bandwidth provided to us by ISP

Hi friends !

I am working as Network Administrator in an educational institute. We are experiencing VERY SLOW internet connection.

We have purchased 3 Mbps / 1Mbps (Total 4 Mbps) Fiber Optics Lease Line from our ISP. ISP claims that it is giving the committed bandwidth but we are not using it or there is some problem in our server comfigurations or internal network.

We have Cisco Router 2620 at the end of our network. It is connected to ISP ONU device. Now I want to know how can I really analysis and find out that what our ISP is claiming is true or not.

Means I want to know the actual bandwidth we are getting. Someone told me to use SNMP tools but I don't know about them.

The matter is urgent. Please help.



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4 Solutions
Have you configured NetFlow and dumped it back to a machine running an analyzer?
You can do it for free, there are plenty of opensource Netflow analyzers out there.

JatinHemantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for reply.

As I told you that I have Cisco 2620 Router. Can this utility "NetFlow" work on this router.

I don't know anything about network analysis. Please guide me from where to start. Means do I need to install this NetFlow in Router then how and how to monitor on the Computer Screen ?


A quick search through Experts Exchange turned up this solution:

If you are using Linux here is one config guide for using cflow.

Here is the Cisco Netflow page including configuration (look under NetFlow IOS Configuration)

You need to read up on NetFlow a little before talking you through the configuration will be reasonable.
Once you have a basic understanding give it a try. If you have problems post your scrubbed config with some basic data and we can talk you through it.

Are you using a firewall inside of the 2620?
If so what type?
There are some firewall analyzers that might meet your needs as well.

Hope this all helps.
A basic config should not take you long even if it's your first one and the learning is priceless.

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Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

To check the total bandwidth available to you, you may use the below tools;

Iperf      dast.nlanr.net/Projects/Iperf      Open-Source
ttcp      www.pcausa.com/      Open-Source
Netperf      www.netperf.org/      Open-Source
NetQoS      www.netqos.com      Propriety
Qcheck      www.netiq.com/Qcheck/default.asp      Propriety
simplenetsoftware      simplenetsoftware.com      Propriety
Bandwidth Meter      www.bandwidth-meter.net      Propriety

IPerf is recommended personally.

Now to check the bandwidth consumed by you, you need an SNMP-based NMS. There are plenty out here. For reference there are a few;


SolarWinds Orion      www.solarwinds.com      Propriety
Adventnet OP Manager      www.adventnet.com      Propriety
WhatsupGold      www.whatsupgold.com      Propriety
CommView      www.tamos.com      Propriety
Observer      www.netinst.com      Propriety

Open-Source NMS            

Ntop      www.ntop.org      LAMP based NMS
Bandwidthd      bandwidthd.sourceforge.net      LAMP based NMS
Nagios      www.nagios.org      LAMP based NMS
JFFNMS      www.jffnms.org      LAMP based NMS
Hyperic HQ      www.hyperic.com      LAMP based NMS
Etherape      etherape.sourceforge.net      LAMP based NMS
GroundWork      www.groundworkopensource.com      LAMP based NMS
MRTG      oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg      RRDTool
Cacti      www.cacti.net      RRDTool

Recommendations are using Ntop, Cacti in Open-source and SolarWinds Orion, WhatsUPGold, or Observer in paid solutions.

Does your router support Netflows? If it does then you can use a netflow analyzer. Below are a few examples;

SolarWinds NetFlow Analyzer      www.solarwinds.com      NetFlow/SFlow
Scrutinizer NetFlow/Sflow Analyzer      www.plixer.com      NetFlow/SFlow
Caligare Flow Inspector      www.caligare.com      NetFlow/SFlow
PRTG      www.paessler.com/prtg      NetFlow/RRDTool
Adventnet Netflow Analyzer      www.adventnet.com      NetFlow

The benefict of these flow technologies is that you get per IP per protocol level details. If your router does not support netflow, then there is a work arround of NProbe;

JatinHemantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your replies.

Let me go through the links and explore them.

tom_philly !

We are using Cisco 2620 Router and we have purchased Cisco 2801 Router. So I am going to replace the old with new one. And we are NOT using any firewall righ now. (Even no any ACL on Router)


JatinHemantAuthor Commented:
Hi tom_philly ! Hi uetian1707 !

Please hold on. I am still exploring the links you provided.

JatinHemantAuthor Commented:
Hi both !

My router's IOS doesn't support NetFlow. From another discussion on Experts-exchange, I got to know that to use NetFlow, I will have to upgrade my Router's IOS to use NetFlow. (This is the link for that discussion: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Networking/Network_Management/Network_Operations/Q_24355938.html

For this, I will have to purchase new IOS. I don't have access to login at cisco.com. What may be the alternate solution.

Please note that: I just want to check the actual bandwidth available on the router. Right now, I am NOT talking about how much we are utilizing. I am interested in knowing that we are getting what we purchased.

Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:
I mentioned Nprobe.
JatinHemantAuthor Commented:
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