server monitoring

I have a problem with servers monitoring
can any one tell me which is better way to monitoring server (load, down services ..etc) ?
I hope some one attach a script can help with that if it possible
note: servers are centos 5 with cPanel
thank you
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monit is a quick to set up, not as involved as nagios. Still pretty darn good though.
I would recommend installing Nagios if you want to monitor the system, once you have become familiar with Nagios you can then move onto having Nagios automatically resolve the issues, however this is likely to be a little bit advanced for your current requirements.
Deepak KosarajuDevOps EngineerCommented:
monit appears to be easy to setup and manage, but its not as advanced as nagios can do things from Monitoring Category.  Nagios has many Flexible way to doing monitoring.So  as  WizRd-Linux: stated I would recommend and vote to go with Nagios for Linux System Monitoring. But again it depends on size of your Network Infrastructure and requirement of Monitoring the Linux boxes, recommendation can change.
I have used and like Big Brother;

it can give up and down reports without have a client, or with a tiny client installed it can give disk capacity reports, and email you when a disk has reached a critical level.

It does a lot more than that, but I find the disk alarm one of the most useful features.

Good Luck !
xserverxAuthor Commented:
not enough
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