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If a user sets up a meeting and sends out the request for acceptance some users can't figure out that THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE one of the options. i.e. "Accept", "Decline", "Suggest new time". But what if they don't choose anything? One of my users says that people just show up to meetings because, supposedly, the meeting is added to their calendar even if they don't choose a response. Given, it's probably showing as "tentative" in the meeting chair's Sheduler. But still, how do I force a reply? Or, failing that, how do I have the user send out a request for some sort of response?

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Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
Make sure you only order food/drinks or distribute notes/agendas to those that answer Yes....
in outlook on a suspect users mailbox, select tools, options.  select calendar, resource scheduling.

Do they have anything checked?
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any joy?
bubba_1234Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply, the solution in that link was:
"Use voting buttons Request a read receipt for this message In the box next to Use voting buttons, type Accept;Tentative;Decline to display these choices as buttons at the top of the email." -which seems to be doing the same thing that Outlook is already doing, only my users need to craft another e-mail and jump through these extra hoops. None of them will learn this and it's not guaranteeing success, It's just adding to what the scheduler already does.

Thanks as well. The tools, options.  select calendar, resource scheduling setting would have been an issue if it was auto-accepting but it's not. Meeting requests are being auto-added to the users calendar as "tentative" but not technically "accepted". To clarify more, users are not hitting ANY of the proper buttons like "Accept" "Decline" but a meeting will still show in their calendar. So I'm wondering if Scheduling Assistant->Responses->Request Responses does anything. It would seem like that would work but I'm not sure.
Cool glad to help.
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