Global Address List vs All Users

Hi all,

I was wondering why when I create some users with mailboxes in Exchange, they only show in the All Users list and not in the Global Address List sometimes, How can I make them available in the Glabal list ??
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ComputerTechieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have the "Hide from all exchange Address Lists" box checked?

Though that would hide the user from all lists, not just the user list or the GAL. Do you have some custom address lists set up? Are the affected users a member of a certain group, and perhaps that group has some non-standard address book rules applied to it?
nmmcfkAuthor Commented:
Where can I find that Cache Exchange Mode checkbox and the Hide from all exchange Adress List ?? I also tried to do a Rebuild on the Offline Address list and got a "There are no Bindings" errors ??

Cached Exchange Mode uses an Offline Folder file (.ost) (Offline Folder file: The file on your hard disk that contains offline folders. The offline folder file has an .ost extension. You can create it automatically when you set up Outlook or when you first make a folder available offline.). These files cannot be used if you have installed Microsoft Terminal Services for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Windows Server 2003. Installation of Terminal Services Client or the Remote Desktop Connection client does not prevent access to this feature.

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