How to print multiple languages in Zebra Printer

We use Zebra Z4M to print labels on Oracle.
Our customer request English, French and Spanish on one label.
How can I make it possible?
Should I translate it into French and Spanish first, and then put the string into output, or there are some commands I can use in output file to translate into French and Spanish?



This is our output sample in Oracle

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It's been a long time since I've done any zebra coding, but if I recall correctly, it may depend on the specific fonts/barcodes you are using.

that is,  you might not be able to print some of the special characters in Spanish or French
like Spanish n with a tilde or French o with circumflex

that's not a translation problem, that's a font limit in zebra and possibly a character set limit in oracle.

You'll have to lookup the specific character support you need.

you will need to translate your string first then built your output to zebra
Oracle doesn't have translation features built into it.
generaitAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply.

1. But after translated string into French or Spanish, how can I insert into Oracle table?
2. We use printer code as output; someone told me the printer code is English only. Is this correct?


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