Firefox Proxy Settings via command line

Is there a way to set Firefox Proxy settings via command line? I am on XP workstations.
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torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no documented way to start Firefox from the command line with a switch for using a specific proxy - if that is what you mean.

You may, however, very well edit the proxy settings from the command line, since they are stored inside "prefs.js", a simple text file located in the user's Mozilla profile folder. The only problem here is the fact that Windows XP does not come with a command line text editor, you would have to 'import' from a Win2k machine.

But I see you are looking into this for the sake of batch scripting.
A possible way to go about this in a batch file might be to store several modified files, one for each proxy you need to use, and to rename them to prefs.js before calling Firefox.
PeteAuthor Commented:
OK, great I can see the relevant entries in prefs.js but the path to it is quite unusual
C:\Documents and Settings\Pete\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\po2piqae.default
The  'po2piqae.default' part seems to be random, so how can I force (xcopy or something) my choosen pefs.js into that path if it's different on every machine, or will it be the same path?
PeteAuthor Commented:
nearly there I have my prefs.js on C:\ but as far as scripting it goes:

xcopy C:\prefs.js "C:\Documents and Settings\Pete\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\po2piqae.default" /q /y
works fine..but using a wildcard *:
xcopy C:\prefs.js "C:\Documents and Settings\Pete\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\*.default" /q /y
says 1 file copied but it doesn't appear, what's going on?

Sorry, my internet connection was down for 2 hours.

You got it, profile names always have the ".default" extension. I'd not be too certain that wildcards in path names should work though, especially not when provided within quotation marks.

I think you will have to extract (or pipe) the actual profile name from the \profile directory listing somehow. Unfortunately, my experience in batch file scriptinmg is limited.
Is this a one of setup of alot of computers or do you need them to be able to switch between proxies?

Are you in a domain enviroment? If so, you could look at using the firefox .adm file to configure settings in group policy

More Information here

or google it here

You could also look at using the adm on the local security policy if you are not in a domain enviroment. You could them simple take the security policy to each station and install it, or use batch scripting to do it.

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