Print Jobs from users Stuck in Printer Spool

Hi everyone. Newly installed SBS 2003 server. I have 4 different HP printers attached via a TCP/IP connection. The IP addresses are assigned by a DHCP reservation so each printer always gets the same IP address. 3 of the printers are working fine; 2 HP p3005x and a 2100tn. The 4th, a Color Laserjet 2600n, is the one with the issue.

From the server, I can print a test page at the printer. This would indicate to me that the networking portion of the connection is correct. Printing is almost instant.

The users can see the printer and are able to submit documents to it for printing. The documents show up in the printer spool, but nothing ever prints out. The first document in the queue is listed as printing. After about 10 minutes of waiting, just to be sure, I stop the spooler, delete the spool files, and restart the spooler.

I've dowloaded the latest drivers from HP, that is what was used for the initial installation. I've even done it again and reinstalled. No success with driver reinstallation.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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beyenhoftConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I gave the HP Laserjet 4 driver a try over the weekend. No Luck.

I've taken the printer off of the network and attached it directly to it's primary user. Working fine with the PCL 6 driver via a USB connection.

Thanks for all the suggestions.
Try updating the firmare on the printer. I had the same issue with a Dell network printer & updating the firmware fixed it.
beyenhoftAuthor Commented:
I updated the firmware per HP's instructions. The printer shows the most current version of the firmware. Great suggestion.
Unfortunately, the problem still persists.
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jdurand976Client Solutions EngineerCommented:
What driver are you using? PostScript, PCL5 or 6?
beyenhoftAuthor Commented:
The Server and the Workstations both have the latest PCL 6 version of the driver.
jdurand976Client Solutions EngineerCommented:
I know for a few clients with those laserjet XXXXn series i had to use the generic HP Laserjet 4 drivers.
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