sage timberline over vpn

We are in desperate need to run Timberline over a VPN connection for the next couple of weeks.  I have a solid VPN connection established.  The problem seems to be with the pervasive software not wanting to work with the slower connection.  Do you know if there is a timeout feature on pervasive that can be adjusted or is there something else you think I should look at?
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Bill BachPresidentCommented:
Recommend: Accept.  Answered and even provided reasoning why the issue is likely occurring and options to work around it.
Bill BachPresidentCommented:
There is a timeout, but I doubt that is the issue -- it would be after two hours, and this should not impact the VPN.  If the VPN connection gets dropped/reset periodically, then you may also need to enable Pervasive Auto-Reconnect (PARC) on both sides.  Set this up in the Pervasive Control Center by enabling AutoReconnect on the server, then on the workstations on the other side of the VPN.

Honestly, the biggest issue to running an app like this is application design, which you have no control over.  When you run a Pervasive app on a local network, round-trip response times are very fast -- typically less than 0.1ms per request. So, running 1000 read operations will take about 0.1 second -- pretty great, right?  Run that same thing over a VPN connection with a round trip response time (you can test this with PING) of 20ms, and you quickly see that your same process that finished in a blink of an eye locally now takes 20s to finish.

I would recommend instead that you run a Terminal Services box, or use Remote Desktop to one or more physical (or virtual) machines in the main office.  YTou could also use any of a number of remote control solutions, such as RAdmin, VNC,,, and others.
Server5Author Commented:
I am only accepting this as a solution because apparently the issue has to be closed after a certain time frame.
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