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padding on swfobject IE7

I have a 2col, 1row table with a graphic and a Flash movie, embedded using the swfobject 2.1.

It's displaying correctly in all browsers I've checked on Win and Mac, except IE7... In IE7, it's showing a gap at the bottom of 5 or so pix.

I've set the CSS object style to display: block, I've set a style on the "flashDiv" to no margin...I've set the heights on the TDs. I can't see any reason that space would appear.

A sample is here: www.block7wineco.com

Please advise.

EDIT/NOTE: I have "hidden the visual gap by setting a background color in both TDs, but if you look closely under the arrow, you can see that the Flash movie in the right TD terminates before it gets to the bottom of the TD.
1 Solution
David S.Commented:
Give ".blurbBlock img" display:block

More information: http://gtwebdev.com/workshop/gaps/image-gap.php

Are you aware that there are better ways to code a page than to use nested tables for layout?
squidzinkAuthor Commented:

.blurbBlock img worked perfectly. Obviously, a logical answer as well.

"Are you aware that there are better ways to code a page than to use nested tables for layout?"

Hehe...very aware. Since the time that this site began its life, I've moved on to CSS layout, which I love. But, alas, the site lingered in limbo for eternity and then suddenly sprung back to action. But, I wasn't getting paid to go back and re-code the layout so it remains as is.


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