How to connect a Wii to a Macbook Pro?

I've got a Nintendo Wii but no TV to connect it to. Is there a way to connect the Scart-cable of the Nintendo Wii to my Macbook Pro and use the notebook display as the monitor to play Wii on?
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You would have to use a TV Tuner of sort as there's no direct input into the Macbook for that type of connection.

Something like this would work nicely:

The one above comes with a breakout cables to hook up standard AV devices.

Course most devices of that nature are designed to record television feed and such.
Justin NordinOwnerCommented:
I can speak from experience that the elgato products are the way to go.  As kblessinggr explained, they are meant more for recording television, but they will work for the Wii, PS3, 360, etc.

The only issue is speed.  You may notice some lag in the video, but it should be minimal, assuming you get an elgato device where the hardware itself does the fanciwork of video compression, rather than your laptop.  

Here's what I would recommend:
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